Mrs. Uma Shankar,

Director General,
Indian Montessori Centre.

Mrs. Uma Shankar began her career in the education field when she completed her Montessori training in Calcutta in the year 1984. Since then she has been working with and for children. She established Indian Montessori Training Courses - Chennai, previously called Centre for Montessori training –Chennai, in the year 1998 to educate and train teachers in the Montessori Method of education. She spends the major portion of the academic year lecturing and sharing with students her rich experience of working with children. Her lectures are always a joyful experience for the students wherein she uses anecdotes, cheerful humour and consistent insights to bring out the true essence of the Montessori philosophy.

In her pursuit to propagate the Montessori Method in Tamilnadu, she collaborated with our school and conducted the teacher training courses in Coimbatore in the years 2010-2011, 2011-2012 and 2018-2019.

Mrs. Uma Shankar’s diligent, meticulous and uncompromising teacher training practices has led to her students setting up authentic Montessori environments all over Tamilnadu. Her service and dedication has helped us to uphold the Montessori practice with Zest and enthusiasim and inspires us to take it forward to as many children as possible.

List of books written by Mrs. Uma Shankar :

1. A Guide to Montessori Education for the Early Years.
2. Your Child and you.

Links to her various talk shows :

Mrs. Bhanumathi Chandran,

Retired Principal of
Air Force School, Coimbatore.

Mrs. Bhanumathi Chandran, retired Principal of Air force School, Coimbatore, is an Educational consultant for CBSE schools and a Teacher trainer. A person with deep passion for teaching and learning, she has 37 yrs of experience as a Teacher and as a Principal. She has served as a Teacher for 15 yrs in Ooty & 22 yrs in Kendriya Vidhyalaya in Kolkata, Delhi, Gujarat and Coimbatore. She has served CBSE as a convener of Inspecting Committee for AFFILIATION department, Centre Superintendent for AISSE, AIEEE and CTET examination and a member of flying squad of CBSE exam committee. Throughout her career she has produced quality results and won the best teacher award in the year 1999 in Nilgiris. It should be mentioned that during her service as Principal in Air Force school Coimbatore, the school was adjudged as the Best school at national level for six consecutive years. Teaching children and teachers is her Passion.

Being a person of such high profile, her humble, modest and polite approach often takes people by surprise making us realise what good education is all about. Her thoughtful guidance and unending support gives us clarity of our vision and serves as a pillar of strength.